Sunday, November 8, 2015

November Nuggets of Wisdom #8

Depression is a heavy weight tied around your neck. On good days, you leave it behind, but for the most part, you carry it with you everywhere. Your body and your mind ache.  However, lugging that weight will eventually make you strong—and you will be stronger than the people around you who will never know what that burden feels like.

Carolyn Kizer says, “Poets are mostly interested in death and commas.” Just remember that while death may be fascinating in its own right, interest in commas will get you much further in life.

Writing is one of the cheapest, most efficacious coping skills available. It only costs as much as pen and paper.  Writing about your problems gives you psychological control over them. Once they’re on the paper, they are much more manageable.

Our feelings do not define us. In fact, they frequently lie to us. Even more than logic does. Sometimes logic leads to invalid conclusions, too.  So what are we to do in times of distress?  Hint: Run to God’s arms and let Him take care of it.

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