Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Nuggets of Wisdom #1

No matter how massive that particular pimple is on your face, people won’t care or even notice it until you say, “OMG, I have such a huge zit!” It’s like playing a piece of music and then saying, “Arg! I messed up!” when you miss a note. If you keep on playing like nothing’s wrong, nobody will know.

Excessive worrying about the “rules” of writing will screw you up, even when you’re editing. The fear is crippling. Trust me on this.  Writers break the rules all the time and still succeed, so just relax a little.

…That being said, ignoring the “rules” altogether does you no favors.

Learning a new word sharpens your mind like a whetstone.


  1. Excellent advice! It's good to see a new post! I hope your October went well! :)

    1. It did go well, thank you! Hold on, though...more wisdom is comin' atcha all month long!