Friday, March 20, 2015

Some Good Advice on Writing

Well, my life is still busy, but I was reading my favorite websites the other day and saw this article by Nina Amir about writing a book.  Since I just recently started my own exercise routine, the author's comparison of writing to exercising really resonated with me. Check it out!

So You Want to Write a Book? Just Do It!

Start with page one. Then write page two and so on. Before you know it, you’ll have a manuscript. As author Donald Murray once told America’s Writing Coach, Roy Peter Clark, “Remember: A page a day equals a book a year.”

I admit I’ve simplified the task a bit. There are the ideation and research that go into writing a book. You have to determine the structure and content. Some writers need a gestation period before they begin writing. And you may feel you need time to learn how to write a book. But the best way to become an author—actually the only way—involves producing a manuscript. You must write.

As the adage goes: Writers write. If you want to be a writer or an author, there’s no way around this fact.

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